Here Are the Best Stock Trading Apps to get you Started

10 Best Stock Trading Apps for Android and Apple iOS in 2023

If you’re looking to start investing in stocks, one of the best ways to do it is through a stock trading app. These apps make it easy to buy and sell stocks from your phone or tablet, and they often offer a variety of features to help you make informed investment decisions.

Here are 10 of the best stock trading apps for Android and Apple iOS in 2023:

  • Zerodha Kite: Low brokerage fees and user-friendly interface (Download for Android / Apple)
  • Upstox: Reliable and secure trading experience (Download for Android / Apple)
  • Angel Broking: Full-service stockbroker with a variety of trading platforms (Download for Android / Apple)
  • Groww: Simple and easy-to-use investment platform (Download for Android / Apple)
  • Paytm Money: Convenient and low brokerage fees (Download for Android / Apple)
  • 5paisa: Variety of features, including live market data, charting tools, and technical indicators (Download for Android / Apple )
  • FYERS: Advanced charting tools and technical analysis capabilities (Download for Android / Apple)
  • Motilal Oswal: Full-service stockbroker with a reliable and secure trading experience (Download for Android / Apple)
  • ICICIdirect: Full-service stockbroker with a user-friendly interface and a variety of features (Download for Android / Apple)
  • Kotak NEO: Full-service stockbroker with a reliable and secure trading experience (Download for Android / Apple)
  • Edelweiss Broking: Full-service stockbroker with a focus on research and advisory services (Download for Android / Apple)

Which app is right for you?

When choosing a stock trading app, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Brokerage fees: Different apps charge different brokerage fees, so it’s important to compare fees before you choose an app.
  • Features: Some apps offer more features than others, such as charting tools, research reports, and technical analysis. Consider which features are important to you when choosing an app.
  • Security: It’s important to choose a stock trading app that is secure and reliable. Look for an app that uses encryption and other security measures to protect your data and funds.
  • Customer support: If you have any problems with your stock trading app, you want to be able to get help quickly and easily. Choose an app that offers good customer support.

Upcoming stock trading apps

Here are a few upcoming Android and Apple applications which can be used to trade stocks:

  • Tickertape: AI-powered investment platform that provides personalized stock recommendations and insights (Download for Android / Apple)
  • Stoxkart: Stock trading app that offers zero brokerage fees on intraday trades (Download for Android / Apple)
  • Tradetron: Algorithmic trading platform that allows users to automate their trading strategies (Download for Android / Apple)
  • Finvasia: Stock trading app that offers a variety of advanced trading tools and features (Download for Android / Apple)
  • Vested Finance: Stock trading app that allows users to invest in US stocks from India (Download for Android / Apple)


There are many great stock trading apps available for Android and Apple iOS. When choosing an app, consider your brokerage needs, the features you want, and the security of the app.

P.S. Stock trading is a risky activity, so be sure to do your research and invest only what you can afford to lose.

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