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Drupal 7 Views – How to set path to node with contextual filter

Asked by: 27 views Drupal

I'm creating a simple job board for my company in Drupal 7 w/ Views. I have a view which creates a page that lists all available jobs. Within each job is a truncated description which I have set to trim and display a "Read More" link which goes to the details of the job posting.To generate the "Read More" link, I am using a contextual filter which pulls the [nid] and in the 'body' section I have the "Read More" link set to node/[nid]. This works exactly the way I need it to.The issue I'm having is that I have created another page within the view to display the full job posting. And instead of going to www.mydomain.com/node/3166, I want it to go to something like www.mydomain.com/jobs/current/posting/3166. (I'd like to use the nid as some jobs might have the same title).I go into this view and set the path to 'node/%' and the view shows up formatted and everything when details are clicked, however, setting this bombs out ALL of my other content within the site. So I tried setting the path to something like 'jobs/current/posting/%' and I just can't get it to work.Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and/or have a solution or workaround?? TIA

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